A large menu of tests are available for patients and clinicians, some tailor made to suit the need of the specific medical conditions. Investigations across a broad range of sub-specialties, in-house or through a group of collaborating international laboratories.

Neuberg Minerva

Phlebotomy services

Phlebotomy services at patient site, by a team of competent and caring phlebotomists. This service is by prior appointment and in coordination with our client relationship executives who will help to make it an easy and comfortable experience for the patient.

Home Collection

Are you tired of fighting your way through traffic on an empty stomach to the laboratory for your blood tests? At Neuberg, we believe in bringing the best of phlebotomy services to your door step. Get your blood tests done within the comforts of your home. A trained technician with a well-equipped kit would visit you for sample collection.Your report would be made available through our online report portal and by courier if desired.

Neuberg Minerva