A large menu of tests is available for patients and clinicians, some tailor made to suit the need of the specific medical conditions. Investigations across a broad range of sub-specialties, in-house or through a group of collaborating international laboratories are only accepted with a doctor’s prescription or singed request.

Phlebotomy services
Phlebotomy services at Laboratory site, by a team of competent and caring phlebotomists.
Home Collection
Neuberg Diagnostics (Middle East) offers home and onsite collection services through a collaboration with our home healthcare partners with a team of very competent phlebotomists
03 Feb2020
MedLab 2020
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Medlab 2019
Medlab is the largest conference in the Middle Eas...
A fully equipped and automated biochemistry lab with several back-ups included performing even haemoglobin and protein electrophoresis tests to screen for basic abnormalities of proteins and haemoglobin of red cells.
Our Microbiological services include routine, day-to-day diagnostic testing for infectious diseases to the latest specialized, esoteric testing required by other hospitals, integrating healthcare delivery networks, as well as serving as a centralized referral center for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.
Technical Capabilities

With over 200 years of experience and providing world-class laboratory services in various locations around the globe, Neuberg is the only lab chain with 3 reference laboratories in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Durban. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies, IT and quality norms to bring the best to our customers. With a highly experienced and qualified team of pathologists, biochemists, consultants, geneticists and paramedical staff, we have several full-fledged departments of laboratory medicine under one roof.

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